French Toast: Indie Bay Style

French Toast: Indie Bay Style

This dish really is a game changer for me and is now my sweet go to. It is the perfect pick me up for yourself or an easy yet impressive dessert for a guest.

I whipped it together really fast but it would definitely be a great and exciting weekend activity for the kids as you can pretty much top it with anything, although I really recommend topping it with the spectacular Indie Bay Chocolate Orange Bites šŸ˜‰.

Iā€™m sure your mouths are already drooling at this point so let me put you out of your misery and give you the recipe.

Here goes:

To make a serving for two, all you’ll need for this is:
ā€¢ 2 slices of bread cut in half
ā€¢ 2 eggs
ā€¢ 1 drop of vanilla extract
ā€¢ A large pinch of cinnamon
ā€¢ 2 bananas cut into slices
ā€¢ Natural yoghurt (to top)
ā€¢ A little bit of Butter
ā€¢ Indie Bay Dark Choc Orange Pretzels

ā€¢ Mix together your eggs, vanilla & cinnamon into a bowl
ā€¢ Coat both halves of your bread in the mixture
ā€¢ Heat a pan with your butter
ā€¢ Fry the bread, we recommend 3 mins on each side then place on plate
ā€¢ Fry your banana for 2 mins in the remaining butter
ā€¢ Place on top of your French toast
ā€¢ Dollop on your yoghurt
ā€¢ Most important feature: sprinkle on those choccy orange bites

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Charlotte x