?Happy Pride Day- 2021?

?Happy Pride Day- 2021?

Hello hello hello. It is a VERY exciting and colourful day today! IT’S PRIDE DAY!!

H ? A ? P ? P ? Y       P ? R ? I ? D ? E        D ? A ? Y

We see you, we hear you, we appreciate you and we LOVE you.?

? This pride month, we have taken time to reflect, talk and re-evaluate. The topic of inclusivity has been widely spoken about at length within Indie Bay Snacks HQ and with those connected to us. There’s always room for improvement and we’re here to learn as much as we possibly can to better/educate ourselves and our brand; we do not only want to grow and learn as individuals but also together as a workplace.

? Here are a few things we have revisited / discussed:

  1. Our handbook and job descriptions. We have revised these to make sure that it is extremely obvious that we are LGBT welcoming and that we do NOT tolerate discrimination in our workplace.
  2. Avoiding binary-gendered language during meetings or general conversation.
  3. We have been looking into Equal Operation’s training to educate us even further on the diversity of gender and sexual orientation.
  4. We are providing samples for this years PinkNews event. PinkNews is the most popular LGBT+ publication in the world, attracting up to 50 million unique users per month across their website and social media platforms! We are SO thrilled to be supporting them ?

? Even though we are a small team, we are VERY mighty and will do all we can to fight against discrimination and support the LGBT community.

?Happy Pride from all of us at Indie Bay Snacks.?