Proud to partner with Luker Chocolate

Proud to partner with Luker Chocolate

Indies, you might want to sit down for this one as we have some crazy exciting news for you!

Just when you thought Indie Bay Snacks couldn’t get any more moreish, better for you and better for the planet… WELL let me tell you something; we’ve just got creamier, tastier and even more sustainable. How about that? BOOM. (can you tell we’re excited?).

Our Dark and Milk Choc bites are now covered with the most delicious chocolate by Luker and boy oh BOY they taste so good. ?

? WHO are Luker Chocolate? Luker Chocolate is a Colombian cocoa supplier and chocolate maker that believes cocoa production can deliver positive societal change, because chocolate with a conscience just tastes better, right?

They seek to to change the chocolate supply chain from its starting point, building practical prosperity in the networks of our essential regions, selling chocolate lovers the full blown dream.

Luker Chocolate have planted over 600,000 trees, trained over 33,000 cocoa-farmers on their cocoa granja (a bit like a farm), and put in place 14 “shared value projects” like building aqueducts to serve communities around their Cocoa farms in Necocli. They inspire us all to be kinder to our bodies and be kinder to our planet. How bloomin cool do they sound?

? WHY do we LOVE Luker Chocolate? We have partnered with Luker Chocolate because, like them, we’re committed to making tasty snacks that are good for your bodies and great for the environment too.

Since Luker Chocolate made its mark in Colombia, they have positively disrupted the district and caught the hearts of its locals and we are here to allow them to capture your hearts too… sounds like a love story, doesn’t it???.

The fact is, we DO love Luker Chocolate, as they empower dreams, they educate us on the importance of sustainability and they provide us with the yummiest chocolate in the land.

? Come back for MORE. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring the stories of people who’s lives have been touched by Luker Chocolate. We feel it’s important for us to go right back to their roots for you Indies to see exactly why we are so proud and so FLIPPING excited about working with them. Be sure to re-visit this blog as we’ll include those stories right here (I’ll give you gentle reminders every so often ?).

Already can’t get enough of Luker Chocolate and want to learn even more? Then click right here .



The lovely people of Luker:

Meet the incredible Rosalba. Her life has been completely transformed, and that is due to the incredible work that Luker Chocolate do. Putting people first is a priority for Luker, they’ve allowed Rosalba to flourish and achieve her dreams.

“Rosalba started to smile and accepted that her dream of becoming a pharmacy manager might come true after all. Now Rosalba is starting a business with friends from Caribia so that she can own her own restaurant thanks to Luker Chocolate’s work with the community.”

How god damn COOL are Luker and Rosalba? VERY in my opinion.


Say hello to Verónica.

Since the arrival of Luker Chocolate within Verónica’s community three years ago, the project has given her stable employment, income and greater responsibility. Helping to empower its employees, as well as keeping them motivated and independent, Luker Chocolate is dedicated to creating social and economic change in Colombia.


Here is the Wonderful Sylvia.

Sylvia is a community leader that works with Luker Chocolate to support communities in Necocli, near a Luker farm. The presence of the company has helped people reach their dreams, even for many that are not directly involved in the cocoa industry.