Vegan Nutella & Indie Bay Thins

Vegan Nutella & Indie Bay Thins

You ever just fancy something a little different? But not too hard to make but full of delicious-ness? Then this is the PERFECT snack recipe for you – Vegan Nutella & Indie Bay Lightly Salted Thins.

I often find it quite hard to get creative with vegan recipes, I struggle to make something creamy yet sugary – BUT this recipe my friends, really does hit that sweet spot. These delights are super versatile as they’re perfect as a family activity to then eat in front of a movie, but they also have that wow factor to be an impressive dessert canapé.

I love the different textures… the silky chocolate mixed with that powerful Indie Bay crunch, wow I’m drooling.
Now let’s talk taste. The nuttiness and earthiness of the hazelnuts, mixed with the sweet spread and salty Thins really is a winner for me.

Want to give it a try? Check out the method below, you’ll thank me later.



Love from Charlotte x